The hypothalamus
is programmed by the limbic system,
which is largely associated with our emotions.
It is a set of
brain structures
involved with
feelings, motivation, instinctive behavior, learning and memory.

 It acts as a relay
 for the
sub-cortical auditory cortex
and the cerebral cortex.
 Every sensory system
(with the exception
of the olfactory system)
includes a thalamic nucleus
that receive and sends
sensory signals to the associated areas in the cerebral cortex.

The hypothalamus
is  connected with
many parts of the central nervous system, including the brainstem reticular formation and the limbic forebrain particularly the amygdala, septum,
thalamus, diagonal band of Broca, and the olfactory bulbs, and the
cerebral cortex.
Hormonal output from the thyroid
is regulated
by thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
produced by the anterior pituitary,
which itself is regulated
by thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) produced by the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is located below the thalamus. The hypothalamus is an important center for many critical internal body functions. The hypothalamus monitors water concentration, hormone concentrations and body temperature. It is associated with feelings of rage, aggression, hunger and thirst. 

The hypothalamus also plays an important role as an intermediary between the nervous system ANS and the endocrine system ES (hormones). The hypothalamus has many connections with the pituitary gland and can produce and regulate hormones.

The thalamus is an olive shaped structure about one inch in length.
It is a relay station for impulses traveling to and from the spinal cord,
brain stem, cerebellum and cerebrum.
It directs sensory input to the appropriate place
in the cerebral cortex.
Sensory input from the body, the eyes, ears and other senses pass through the thalamus.impulses are routed to the thalamus, 
 In the case of the interna, one area of the globus pallidus, the structure can feed directly to the thalamus. The externa, sends information to the interna, where it can be passed on to the thalamus.
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