Energy and matter are polarities
of the same substance; the same vibrational content moving at different rates. [Einstein]
Storing its form, information and memory in the compressibility of its  geometric structure; this universal substance has only one wave shape:
the sine wave.
Even the most complex shape is a simple sum of sine waves of different lengths. [Fourier]
These fundamental shapes are important in transmiting the wave structure of all matter.  They are the templates that generate the focus of intensity necessary to manifest.
These templates correlate to harmonic ratios
and sound frequencies.[Kepler][Helios]
Utilizing the harmonic symmetry
of these templates:
I_A_M_KEY  or
Integrative Autonomic Manipulation's sympathetic resonance facilitates
ALIGNMENT with these shared ratios...
causing the body to seek homeostatic balance
and facilitating the self-correction of all systems.
I_A_M_KEY shares a sympathetically resonant symmetry w/ the body.