The brainstem
is the posterior part of the brain, adjoining and structurally continuous with the spinal cord.
It is usually described as including the medulla oblongata (myelencephalon),
(part of metencephalon),
and midbrain
The Cochlear Nucleus is located at the dorso-lateral side
of the brainstem,
spanning the junction
of the pons and medulla.

The brainstem
is the main pathway of
motor and sensory
innervation of the
ANS and Endocrine System
as the nerve connections of the motor and sensory systems
from the main part of the brain
to the rest of the body
pass through the brainstem..
The brainstem
projects from the center
of the underside of the brain. 
This elongated structure connects
the upper areas of the brain
to the spinal cord. 
Evolutionarily, the brainstem is one of the oldest parts of the brain.
It is responsible for consciousness, sleep, attention, respiration,
blood pressure,
coordination of eye movement,
and control of the heart.
The brainstem relays all nerve signals
to and from the brain.
Three structures comprise the brainstem:
the midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata.

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