Sympathetic Stimulation                            Parasympathetic Stimulation 
Pupil dilation                                              Pupil constriction 
Salivary Glands  
Saliva production reduced                          Saliva production increased 
Mucosa Mucus production reduced             Mucus production increased 
Heart rate and force increased                 Heart rate and force decreased 
Bronchial muscle relaxed                            Bronchial muscle contracted 
Peristalsis reduced                 Gastric juice secreted; motility increased 
Small Intestine 
Motility reduced                                          Digestion increased 
 Large Intestine 
Motility reduced                                   Secretions and motility increased
Increased conversion of
glycogen to glucose
Decreased urine secretion                           Increased urine secretion 
  Adrenal medulla 
Norepinephrine and epinephrine secreted 
Wall relaxed                                                                      
Sphincter closed                                          Wall contracted
                                                                    Sphincter relaxed 

our neurological pathway of homeostasis
The Autonomic Nervous System is a
reflective system of checks and balances;
transmitting it's messages 
via the reticular formation.